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Hot Website Traffic and Mailer FAQs

What Is A Traffic Exchange?
Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic. Other members of Hot Website Traffic and Mailer will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.

How Do I Receive Hits?
Click 'Surf' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members. You will earn credits for every site you view. Your site will receive one hit for each credit that you assign to your site.

What Is A Viral Mailer?
Viral Mailers are online services where members can e-mail each other. You can send an e-mail promoting your web site in return for viewing the e-mails sent by the other members.

How Do I Receive Credits?
Look for e-mails from other members. At the bottom of each e-mail, there should be a link you can click to view their site and earn credit.
For each credit you earn, you will be able to mail another member of Hot Website Traffic and Mailer.

Why can't I surf?
If you have just signed up, you need to make sure that you have entered a URL at "Sites" and make sure it is properly formatted https://. Then click to confirm ad check.
Next, Free members need to go to "auto-assign" and assign at least 25% to this site. Upgraded members do not have to do this. Once this is done you should be able to surf.

What do I do if my site is not approved?
If your site is not approved by the automatic script, simply send an admin ticket and ask to have it approved manually.

Why does My site keep getting suspended?
The script has its own security check it runs on the sites as they are being surfed. It will now and then pick upon something that it thinks is a probem and suspend a site. This may happen to you site even though there is nothing wrong with it. Just send admin a message and your site will be re-enabled.

I keep getting incorrect clicks. What is wrong?
99.99% of the time this is going to be an issue with your own computer. Try clearing your cache and cookies and then you might even have to restart.This should clear up the problem.

Do I have to claim Gold coins right away?
No, you do not have to claim. If you have won, they will be added automatically to your account.

How do I exchange Gold Coins?
Just go to the navigation page "Gold coins" and choose if you want a raffle ticket or banners or texts. You can get 10 raffle tickets a week.

Why Is My Account Suspended?
Your account may be suspended for bounced emails sent by other members. Check your email listed in member profile to ensure mails don't bounce from members &/or admin.

Other Reasons your account may be suspended:

*Violation of our Terms Of Service Statement such as registering with a non-gmail email address.

*Clicking too fast. If your click accuracy ratio falls below 75% the system will suspend your account. Contact Admin for reactivation.

*Joining More Than One Time. Duplicate memberships are deleted and usually so is the member who tries to cheat.

How Do I Receive Commission?
Comissions are paid out by request. Cash earned for clicking or prizes can only be used for upgrades or advertising. Please update your Profile with the payment processor you'd like to receive payment.
Minimum payout is $15.00.
If your commission reaches to the minimum payout and you haven't been paid your commission will be exchanged for advertising.

Can I upgrade With Commissions?
Yes, you can upgrade with commissions. Simply go to the upgrades and if your balance is at least $10.00, you will be able to choose and upgrade.


Because credits are delivered immediately you have instant access to these. ONLY in extreme cases such as theft of account will a refund be given.



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