One day promo with Freedom Traffic

One day promo with FreedomTraffic on April 20th, 2012.

Surf 200 at both sites to be in the draw for these prizes.

1x $5 + 500/500/500
5x $1 + 300/300/300
4x 250/250/250

3 Responses to “One day promo with Freedom Traffic”

  • Sheila Hawley:

    Please help. I joined Hot Website Traffic. I went to upgrade annually for $77. PayPal sent me two receipts. One ending 2012, the other ending 2013. I did not want to pay for two years and tried to cancel the second one. It cancelled everything. I tried contacting Marty but emails were all returned. I do not know how to proceed. Login name SheilaH. Please advise.

    • petrizza25:

      Hi Sheila,
      You can contact me from Contact Us inside Member home page.

    • Hi Sheila, Well I am not sure what has happened as I responded to your paypal message that said that you had an unauthorized charge. I said no probem and refunded your money. I also sent a message by your mail to you to let you know no problem and I was refunding your money. I will send another mail to you to help you get your yearly back if you would like, but we have received no mail from you on site. I have my personal and business email on site and have received no message from you at either. Thanks Marty

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