Progressive Surf

Power Surf between HotWebsiteTraffic & WebsiteTrafficHog

March 23rd, 2012

You need to be surfing both at the same time and while you do you will get
25% more credits. The imloop bar will turn green to tell you that you are in both sites and sufing simutaneously.

On top of this we will do a Progressive Surf

March 23rd, 2012


Surf 150 to qualify for these prizes..
4x 250/250/250

Surf 250 to qualify for these prizes
5x $1 + 300/300/300

Surf 350 to qualify for these prizes
1x $5 + 500/500/500
1x 1000/1000/1000
Position on the Start Page for Birthday WEEK!

Have Fun!

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